Your donation has a significant impact on a student’s educational success and is an investment in tomorrow’s workforce.



“Often our own community is surprised that we have students in significant financial need. Students without permanent housing, healthcare, food and, of course, adequate school supplies, come to our schools every day and do their best to blend in with all the other teenagers doing their best to navigate adolescence. Sometimes, because of our perceived wealth and resources, our students in need can be overlooked by charitable organizations. We want you to know how much we depend on your school supplies and depend on them arriving just in time. We have grown accustomed to them and even though I find myself expecting them I want to make sure you know that we are not taking the supplies for granted. Thank you for your organization and generosity. The supplies are put away in cabinets that teachers and other school staff can easily access for our students who ask for help and for those students who don’t, but we know need our help. Our staff always finds a way to make sure that all students are prepared.”

Kristin W. & Claire S., School Social Workers, Middleton High School






“Thank you so much for the abundant supply of school materials we received this fall.  You have no idea how useful and helpful they are.  The staff and students of Crestwood Elementary are extremely grateful.”

Amy B., School Social Worker






“Our district wishes to thank you for your continued donations of school supplies. The number of children and families in need of help continues to grow.  Your generosity is much appreciated.”

T.J. H., School Social Worker, Marshall Public Schools






“Dear Community partners of School Supplies for Kids, Thank you so much for your extreme generosity in donating an ample supply of school supplies at the start of every school year.  We could not do it without you!”

Staff at Chavez Elementary School






“Thank you so much for donating school supplies to Sennett Middle School.  The supplies helped over 50 students that didn’t have access to come prepared the first day.  We sincerely appreciate the focus you and your partners have put on Madison’s youth and their education.  Thanks again for supporting our students!”

Sennett Middle School






“On behalf of our Lake View students and families, I want to give a huge thank you to School Supplies for Kids for all of the amazing school supplies that were donated to our school! They will definitely will all be put to good use. Please pass on our thanks to all those appropriate people who should know how grateful we are!  Thank you!”

Megan L., School Social Worker






“Thank you so much for the school supply donations.  They are greatly appreciated and I have to say that I depend on them every year for our families and students in need.  Thank you.”

Sarah E., School Social Worker






“Thank you so much for the 29 boxes of school supplies that help our student be better prepared for a great school year. Your generosity is truly appreciated.” 

Cardinal Heights Upper Middle School






“I wanted to write to express my gratitude for School Supplies for Kids. Many families struggle this time of year to get their children the things they need for school. To be able to assist parents by providing their children with school supplies is so appreciated. Thanks again for donating supplies to Elvehjem School every year.”

Jenny M. School Social Worker






“Thank you for your generous donation of school supplies. Winnequah School counts on these materials each year. In our workroom, we put the supplies in cupboards so that teachers can get materials for students who don’t have any school supplies. Each year, the stockpile dwindles and then in the fall the stockpile is restored for the new year thanks to kind folks like you! Many thanks on behalf of our Winnequah School teachers!”

Ann S., Principal